How do I get started on Lifeguard?

Download the App                                   


Create Your Account

  • After downloading and opening the app you will be prompted to log in or create a new account.

Complete your Profile

  • Review the spelling of your first and last name as well as your email address.
  • Add your cell phone number and verify it for easy account access and recovery.
  • Add a profile picture to help your Circle of Care members identify your account.
  • Include your location information for better customer service (this information will not be shared).

Set your Settings

  • Personalize LifeguardMobile to meet your individual needs and preferences.

Build Your Care Plan

  • Create a custom Care Plan consisting of conditions/diagnoses, medication tracking, symptom assessments, vitals measurements, lifestyle activities, and custom regimens.

Invite Your Circle of Care Members

  • Invite your trusted family, friends, and caregivers to your support network.
  • Set permissions for each individual member of your Circle of Care.

Build Your Library

  • Store your confidential medical documents and health resources for easy access.

Explore LifeguardMobile

  • Start your health journey with LifeguardMobile by recording an action, posting a Journal entry, and/or sending a secure message to a Circle of Care member... Have fun exploring the many features and benefits that LifeguardMobile has to offer!


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