How do I record an unscheduled (Ad Hoc) action?

Lifeguard enables the user to record an unscheduled (Ad Hoc) action for any element in their Care Plan, as many elements of a medical journey may not follow an exact schedule. For instance: taking acute-relief migraine medication – or – documenting infrequent vertigo episodes.

To record an Ad Hoc action, start at the Home Screen and tap the record action icon on the top action bar. If there are pending actions (uncompleted scheduled actions), the user will need to respond to those before being able to record Ad Hoc actions.

A screen titled Ad Hoc Actions will open and display every recordable element in your Care Plan. Tap each element you would like to record, enter in the appropriate information, and select Save to submit your recordings.

There is no restriction on the number or combination of Ad Hoc actions you may record at once.


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