Can I track my symptoms?

Yes!  LifeguardMobile provides in-depth and customizable symptom recording and tracking with goal-oriented care support. 

When adding new symptoms or modifying symptoms already in their Care Plan, users can:

  • Custom Name the symptom they wish to track.
  • Add a detailed description of what precisely they are trying to measure.
  • Select between standard ESAS Scale 0-10 severity sliders, or simple Yes/No responses.
  • Choose to add a goal-oriented care measurement to each symptom. 
  • Decide to record the symptoms Ad Hoc, or schedule reminders to record each symptom by day of the week and time/hour of the day.
  • Start and End dates for recording each symptom.
  • Elect whether to alert their Circle of Care if they miss a symptom recording.

Users can modify or delete past symptom recordings in History, and can also view overall symptom developments in Trends

NOTE: Any symptom severity recorded at 7 or above on the ESAS scale will automatically send an alert to your Circle of CareModifications to symptom settings may create new Trends entries. 

(ESAS stands for the Edmonton Symptom Assessment System, an internationally recognized symptom severity measurement standard)


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