How do I record a Scheduled Action?

To record a scheduled/pending action, start at the Home Screen and tap the record action icon on the top action bar. If you have any scheduled actions to record, the bar will read: Pending Actions, and the screen opened by tapping the button will be titled Record.

Record the listed actions by tapping the add boxes and checkmarks, and then entering in the appropriate information. Tap skip next to actions that you did not complete.

Lifeguard uses push notifications on your mobile device to let you know when it is time to carry out and record actions. You have 90 minutes to record and/or skip Pending Actions before they are moved to Past Due actions.

Past Due actions can be accessed below the list pending actions. Past Due actions are any missed actions in the last 12 hours and can be modified from this screen. Use the History function in the Notebook to modify actions that were scheduled over 12 hours prior. 


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