How do I invite members to my Circle of Care?

Start at the Home Screen, and select the Circle of Care menu icon from the bottom navigation bar. Tap the Invite a Member button on the top right corner of the screen.

Select someone from your contact list by tapping the Address Book icon, or type in the email of the user you wish to invite. The email address you send the invitation to needs to be the same email address that the intended recipient has associated with their LifeguardMobile account.

Choose whether to add a shortcut to this member on your Home Screen, and set your Member Permissions by using the toggle buttons. ON = Green | OFF = Grey.

When you are ready to submit the invitation, press SEND.

The new member will appear as a Pending Invite in your Circle of Care until the member accepts the invitation. You can resend or cancel the invitation by tapping on the Pending Member entry and following the prompts.


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