How do Reminders and Alerts work?

One of LifeguardMobile's most helpful features is it's reminders and alerts system.

Reminders and alerts can be activated, deactivated, or modified when adding or editing a Care Plan element. General reminder and alert preferences can be modified in Settings Preferences

reminder is a way to organize your care so that you are notified in-app and by push notification when it is time to record an action.

An alert is a notification sent to your Circle of Care by push notification and/or email, depending on the alert preferences you and your Circle of Care have set. There are two major types of alerts:

  • Symptom Severity Alerts -  These alerts are automatically triggered if you record an ESAS symptom severity assessment reporting a score of 7 or above.
  • Schedule Based Alerts - You can elect to send these alerts out to your Circle of Care based on your Care Plan element customization settings. These alerts are not immediate, and follow this process:

    • A user sets an alert for a Care Plan element and selects the number of missed reminders in 24 hours that will trigger an alert.

    • The scheduled action triggers a reminder and becomes a Pending Action. Actions stay Pending Actions for 90 minutes to give users a chance to respond.

    • After 90 minutes, Pending Actions are converted into Past Due Actions. Past Due actions stay active for 12 hours to give users one last opportunity to record their actions without modifying their records in History.

    • If a user has not recorded an action during the 90 minute Pending Action, or the following 12-hour Past Due Action stages, it will apply to their missed-reminder count.

    • If the missed-reminder count meets or exceeds the user-selected threshold, an alert if triggered and sent out to a user’s Circle of Care.

NOTE: Reminders are set by default for any scheduled action, and disabling them automatically deactivates associated scheduled action-triggered alerts and push notificationsReminders must be active for a Care Plan element for Trends to track and display them.





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