How do I create or modify Care Plan elements?

First, select the Notebook icon: the second icon from the left in the Navigation Toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Next, select Care Plan.

To add a new element, click the plus (+) symbol in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.  

From there you can tap to add a new Condition or Diagnosis, or add a trackable regimen from one of the following categories: Symptoms, MedicationsVitals, Activities, and Custom Regimens.

  • If applicable, select a subcategory (such as blood pressure or hydration), and tap NEXT to enter the Details overview page.

Now personalize your Care Plan additions by tapping each entry field (from target vitals ranges to hydration goals) and selecting a provided option or entering the information manually.

Select the days per week and the time(s) per day in which you intend to carry out the new regimen.

  • You can select As Needed to if you do not intend to carry out this regime on a scheduled basis; however, keep in mind that this will deactivate both Reminders and Alerts.


Tap NEXT to go to your Summary page, and review your new regimen settings. To make changes, hit CANCEL and then EXIT to return to the Details page. To finalize and add the new Care Plan element, hit SAVE.


To Modify a Care Plan Element:

To modify an element, open your Care Plan and select the entry that you wish to modify. Select EDIT and then the name/title of the element, and the Summary page will open and allow you to make changes. When you are finished, hit SAVE. Condition/Diagnosis elements cannot be modified. To change a Condition/Diagnosis element, first delete it and follow the direction above to replace it.



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